The Majestic Rocca

It is a kind of historical-architectural gift, the most characteristic of the districts. The narrow alleys intersecting the typical irregularity of the medieval street plan, are illuminated by torches and decorated with festoons. White and black flags, and ancient signs, provoke amazement and emotion in the visitor.

The fortress, an embattled and majestically constructed castle, in the shape of a 13th-century parallelepiped, has a rectangular tower closely combined with the rest of the smaller buildings. They are surrounded by pure crenellated walls, and are the most representative building of the whole village. Built by Pope Nicholas III, it was renovated during the Renaissance and eighteenth century. Inside the neighborhood, in addition to houses and palaces of ancient craftsmanship, you can admire the eighteenth century church dedicated to Saint Eutizio the Martyr, the small but charming church of Mercy, and the beautiful molten fountain built in the sixteenth century Fontana di dentro (Fountain of the Interior). During the Historic Parade, all the main visiting Lords in the castle are presented.

The Gruppo Storico Spadaccini (Historical Group of Swordsmen) was formed within the district.

The general public and tourists are hosted in the Taverna dell’Orso (Bear Tavern), (Google maps) built in Piazza G. Marconi.

The Fighter San Giorgio

Surrounded by ancient chestnut trees, immersed in the shimmering green Mountains of Cimini  a short distance from the center, a small church of the XI century with typical Romanesque characteristics stands out. Tradition tells us that it was built in a single night by the holy protectors of Soriano, the ‘Four Crowned Saints’  (Valerio, Valeriano, Carpoforo and Victor), assisted by angels.

The harmonious building, completely restructured and renovated during the eighteenth century, found its ancient features after the restoration in 1937.

The church was dedicated to Saint George and his activities, giving his name to the district. In the neighborhood you can also admire the sixteenth-century Fontana del Madruzzo (Fountain of Madruzzo), and the eighteenth-century Roman Gate.

During the historic parade, the Contrada recreates the fierce battle that Saint George undertook against a ferocious dragon to liberate a kidnapped maiden.

The care taken in the creation of the dragon, the liveliness and creativity demonstrated in the yearly renewal of the picturesque demonstrations performed during the parade, and the efforts made by the organizers makes Saint George the most imaginative neighborhood.

In recent years, the Gruppo dei Focolieri (Group of Fire-eaters) has been formed.

In the district, embellished by sober decorations of red and blue, it houses the Taverna del Drago (Tavern of the Dragon) located in Piazza September XX (Google Maps).

The Haughty Papacqua

The name of the district, whose characteristic colors are green and red, was derived from the beautiful fountain attached to the Palazzo Albani-Chigi. The system is powered by a spring that flows on site and was built alongside the first floor of the palace by Cardinal Cristoforo Madruzzo in the second half of the sixteenth century. The construction was completed in the 18th century by the Albani family.

The building complex was occupied until the fifties by members of the Chigi family; it suffered the effects of degradation in the later decades. Today, only the stables and the fountain have been visited and restored.

The presence in the neighborhood of an architectural complex of this artistic and proud sentimental values the Contrada, that during the traditional Sunday parade, presents the members of the Madruzzo, and Albani families, as well as court-life. The Taverna delle Acqua (Water Tavern) was set up by Pope Innocent VIII (Google Maps).

The district (contrada) is divided between the alleyways and narrow streets of the Renaissance and Eighteenth-century Soriano that surround the palace. It is the district that has won the most palios.


The Noble Trinità

The Noble Trinità takes its name from two Augustinian churches and annexed convents: the rocky and now dilapidated church of the Holy Trinity located on Mount Cimino, and the other one located within the town walls.

The tradition can be traced back to the construction of the first of Saint Augustine of Ippona.

Enlarged by Nicholas III Orsini, restored by Cardinal Egidio of Viterbo, it was abandoned during the eighteenth century by the Augustinian Fathers, who transferred to the city convent. Presently, it is a municipal headquarters built together with the church during the seventeenth century.

In the sixteenth century Cardinal Egidio gave the Augustinians a thirteenth  table depicting the Madonna and Child. Today it is preserved in the church of the Holy Trinity (also known as Saint Augustine) which is perhaps the work of the highest artistic value presently in Soriano.

Inside the neighborhood, you can also admire ancient alleys, small squares and the hilltop of Bastia where an ancient castle built by the Guelphs emerged (but no longer remains).

It is the homeland of the Old Lady of Carnaiolo whose experience every year, during the parade and demonstration of the battle of the Ditch of Good Encounter, is revived.

During the parade Popes, Cardinals, and Noblemen contribute to make the reenactments more lively.

The historical group of musicians and flag-wavers are cheered by the neighborhood that, in the modern and ancient streets adorned with yellow ochre and red cardinal decorations host the tourists.

In the Taverna della Vecchietta (Tavern of the Old Lady), which is located on via Roma, you can enjoy typical dishes and good wine (Google Maps).

Esplora i giorni di festa!!

Orari biglietteria

Venerdì 22 Settembre: 17,30/19,30
Sabato 23 Settembre: 10,00/12,30 – 17,30/19,30
Domenica 24 Settembre: 10,00/12,30 – 17,30/19,30
da Martedì 26 a Venerdì 29 Settembre: 17,30/19,30
Sabato 30 Settembre: 10,00/12,30 – 17,30/19,30
Domenica 1 Ottobre: 10,00/12,30 (presso campo Giannotti)
da Martedì 3 a Venerdì 6 Ottobre: 17,30/19,30
Sabato 7 Ottobre: 10,00/12,30 17,30/19,30
Domenica 8 Ottobre: 10,00/12,30

Parcheggi (Camper e Auto)

Parcheggio Papacqua
Coordinate: 42.41952,12.232729

Parcheggio Casalaccio
(1^ domenica di Ottobre)
Coordinate: 42.42186, 12.23679

Località Campo Giannotti
(2^ domenica di Ottobre)
Coordinate: 42.424599, 12.248031

Angolo di Prato (Viale Ernesto Monaci)
Coordinate: 42.422455,12.239185

Via Settimio David
Coordinate: 42.420399,12.239896

Località Sanguetta – Zona Industriale
Coordinate: 42.46126, 12.24735

L’orto di Hans (Camper)
Coordinate: 42.4378124,12.2276322

Nota bene: Tutte le aree non sono attrezzate!

Sagra delle Castagne Manifestazione Storico Rievocativa


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