Itinerary of historical food and wine, along with the local dishes inspired by the Medieval and Renaissance culinary tradition.

Convivium Secretum – 10th Edition

October 13, 2017 – at 20.00

The historical-gastronomic competition involves the four districts, the village is divided during the autumn holiday period. It is the “convivium secretum “.

The convivium secretum is a particularly exciting and jovial moment. It is the result of meticulous and accurately historical culinary research. The visitor who decides to venture into this magical path will surpass the threshold of time to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of ancient fascinations and flavors that have been forgotten.

In an atmosphere of soft lights and refined decorations, a spectacular culinary journey, where the discovery of the taste of the time will shift to performances of medieval art with the participation of musicians, dancers, jesters, and magical creatures from another era.

Among the most successful dishes: Il cappone in fricassee alla francese which is a typical Renaissance dish, a typical pie of white Rabbit meat made in the style of th 1300’s, confetti de melle appio, pome paradiso, and torta in balconata limonia.
Every year a vigilant jury of experts in nutrition, professors of art history, scenographers, and costume designers, declare the winner to the district with the best dishes and the most faithful scenographic recreations of the historical time.

(For information and reservations: Tel. 366.2899392) 


Orari biglietteria

Venerdì 22 Settembre: 17,30/19,30
Sabato 23 Settembre: 10,00/12,30 – 17,30/19,30
Domenica 24 Settembre: 10,00/12,30 – 17,30/19,30
da Martedì 26 a Venerdì 29 Settembre: 17,30/19,30
Sabato 30 Settembre: 10,00/12,30 – 17,30/19,30
Domenica 1 Ottobre: 10,00/12,30 (presso campo Giannotti)
da Martedì 3 a Venerdì 6 Ottobre: 17,30/19,30
Sabato 7 Ottobre: 10,00/12,30 17,30/19,30
Domenica 8 Ottobre: 10,00/12,30

Parcheggi (Camper e Auto)

Parcheggio Papacqua
Coordinate: 42.41952,12.232729

Parcheggio Casalaccio
(1^ domenica di Ottobre)
Coordinate: 42.42186, 12.23679

Località Campo Giannotti
(2^ domenica di Ottobre)
Coordinate: 42.424599, 12.248031

Angolo di Prato (Viale Ernesto Monaci)
Coordinate: 42.422455,12.239185

Via Settimio David
Coordinate: 42.420399,12.239896

Località Sanguetta – Zona Industriale
Coordinate: 42.46126, 12.24735

L’orto di Hans (Camper)
Coordinate: 42.4378124,12.2276322

Nota bene: Tutte le aree non sono attrezzate!

Albo d’oro

Sagra delle Castagne Manifestazione Storico Rievocativa


Ente Sagra delle Castagne – c/o Pro Loco di Soriano nel Cimino – Piazza Umberto I 01038 – Soriano nel Cimino (VT) – P.IVA: 01553570563
Tel. 0761.74.60.01 –
Ufficio Turistico Comunale: +39 0761 74 88 71
Presidente Ente Sagra: Antonio Tempesta 366.28 99 392

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