An “Exhibition of the art of falconry” by the Rione San Giorgio – The San Giorgio District

The ‘Falconieri del Re’ – the King’s Falconers – were founded in 2000 when Gianluca Barone and Letizia Scarfello were united by their common passion for falconry.
Falconry (the art of hunting wild quarry in its natural habitat with a trained bird of prey) was recognised by UNESCO as an element of intangible cultural heritage in 2010.
They enact demonstrations of a scientific and historical character in order to convey knowledge about birds of prey and how they build relationships with humans, capturing emotions and that sense of magnetism and great respect they evoke in us.

They are presently the most important group in Italy for the quality of their demonstrations (High Flight – Low Flight) and also for the number of species with which they work.
The Falconieri del Re have participated in numerous historical reenactments and hunting gatherings, including the FIERA DELLE GAITE, QUINTANA DI FOLIGNO, the FIERA CAVALLI in VERONA and the CHEVAL PASSIION in AVIGNON.

Their participation is not limited to festivals and reenactments, they have also worked for movies such as the American TV drama “ROME”, commercials such as the one for Sammontana 5 Stelle and music videos such as the single “Ti dedico tutto [I dedicate it all to you]” By Biagio Antonacci in 2012, as well as numerous contributions to TV shows.
They are again coming again to Soriano in Cimino today, as they have done for so many years, to amaze and enchant you and marvel at the flight of their birds of prey.

Exhibition by the San Giorgio District

Esplora i giorni di festa!!

Orari biglietteria

Venerdì 22 Settembre: 17,30/19,30
Sabato 23 Settembre: 10,00/12,30 – 17,30/19,30
Domenica 24 Settembre: 10,00/12,30 – 17,30/19,30
da Martedì 26 a Venerdì 29 Settembre: 17,30/19,30
Sabato 30 Settembre: 10,00/12,30 – 17,30/19,30
Domenica 1 Ottobre: 10,00/12,30 (presso campo Giannotti)
da Martedì 3 a Venerdì 6 Ottobre: 17,30/19,30
Sabato 7 Ottobre: 10,00/12,30 17,30/19,30
Domenica 8 Ottobre: 10,00/12,30

Parcheggi (Camper e Auto)

Parcheggio Papacqua
Coordinate: 42.41952,12.232729

Parcheggio Casalaccio
(1^ domenica di Ottobre)
Coordinate: 42.42186, 12.23679

Località Campo Giannotti
(2^ domenica di Ottobre)
Coordinate: 42.424599, 12.248031

Angolo di Prato (Viale Ernesto Monaci)
Coordinate: 42.422455,12.239185

Via Settimio David
Coordinate: 42.420399,12.239896

Località Sanguetta – Zona Industriale
Coordinate: 42.46126, 12.24735

L’orto di Hans (Camper)
Coordinate: 42.4378124,12.2276322

Nota bene: Tutte le aree non sono attrezzate!

Parcheggi straordinari per domenica 8 ottobre

Parcheggio temporaneo, gratuito e non custodito in loc. Sanguetta con servizio navetta attivo dalle 09:00 alle 24:00 al costo di 1,00 euro

Parcheggio temporaneo a pagamento presso la struttura del Campo Sportivo dalle ore 09:00 alle ore 22:00 riservati alle autovetture, ciclomotori e motocicli (autocarri e camper esclusi)

Sagra delle Castagne Manifestazione Storico Rievocativa


Ente Sagra delle Castagne – c/o Pro Loco di Soriano nel Cimino – Piazza Umberto I 01038 – Soriano nel Cimino (VT) – P.IVA: 01553570563
Tel. 0761.74.60.01 –
Ufficio Turistico Comunale: +39 0761 74 88 71
Presidente Ente Sagra: Antonio Tempesta 366.28 99 392

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