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Visionaria – Etere

For the first time at Soriano nel Cimino, on the occasion of the 50th edition of the Chestnut Festival historical reenactment event, we have a show of circus arts and aerial acrobatic dance with VisionAria and their show ‘Etere’ – Ether.

‘Etere’ evokes the classic Four Elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air together with the quintessential Ether.


Essence of the celestial world and identified with the cosmos, Ether differed from the four earthly elements because it was thought to be eternal, immutable, weightless and transparent, as opposed to what is of Earth, mutable and evolving. The show is a journey into the many symbolic layers of these mythological and intriguing substances that are foundational to imagination and dreams, as they evoke strange mythological creatures. With the company’s distinctive style, the show projects delicate sensations that are at once suggestive, poetic yet powerful, the bodies of the acrobats become metaphors, not only of the deep meanings of the Elements, but also their extraordinary life-force. In the Etere show, arts like Aerial Dance, Fire, Trampolines, Acrobatics and Theatre converge with music and light effects that exalt an almighty beauty – an innovative and impressive scenic impact.


VisionAria is an artistic project created by Valeria Mastropasqua from her passion and years of research in dance and aerial acrobatics. The company currently comprises several professionals: new circus artists as well as actors, dancers, musicians, electronic music composers, fantasy builders, and so on. Their performances often result from the mixing of diverse artistic genres and are distinguished by the originality with which they unconventionally engage the language of the human form in space.



The privileged use of aerial and vertical space is what produces a different vision of things, a change of perspective that fosters illusions and dreams. The use of various props from the circus arts (some of which we will see in our show at this event) is based on Contemporary Circus concepts, an area of artistic research that aims to extol not only the virtuosity of acrobats, but also the originality of their acts.



VisionAria performs in different contexts: from evenings in clubs and discos to important Street Art Festivals, private parties and prestigious events, including theatrical events, art exhibitions, etc. Chief among these were the 50th Pirelli Calendar 2014 Grand Gala (Milano), the International Avignon Theatre Festival (France), the Other World Studios for the Gigi D’Agostino Circus (Rome).


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Orari biglietteria

  • Venerdì 22 Settembre: 17,30/19,30
  • Sabato 23  Settembre: 10,00/12,30 – 17,30/19,30
  • Domenica 24 Settembre: 10,00/12,30 – 17,30/19,30
  • Lunedì 25 Settembre chiusa
  • da Martedì 26 a Venerdì 29 Settembre: 17,30/19,30
  • Sabato 30 Settembre: 10,00/12,30 – 17,30/19,30
  • Domenica 1 Ottobre: 10,00/12,30 (presso campo Giannotti)
  • Lunedì 2 Ottobre chiuso
  • da Martedì 3 a Venerdì 6 Ottobre: 17,30/19,30
  • Sabato 7 Ottobre: 10,00/12,30  17,30/19,30
  • Domenica 8 Ottobre: 10,00/12,30

Aree di sosta
(camper e auto)

Parcheggio Papaqua
Coordinate: 42.41952,12.232729

Parcheggio Casalaccio
(1^ domenica di Ottobre)
Coordinate: 42.42186, 12.23679

Località Campo Giannotti
(2^ domenica di Ottobre)
Coordinate: 42.424599, 12.248031

Angolo di Prato (Viale Ernesto Monaci)
Coordinate: 42.422455,12.239185

Via Settimio David
Coordinate: 42.420399,12.239896

Località Sanguetta – Zona Industriale
Coordinate: 42.46126, 12.24735

Tutte le aree non sono attrezzate.

Sagra delle Castagne Manifestazione Storico Rievocativa


Ente Sagra delle Castagne – c/o Pro Loco di Soriano nel Cimino – Piazza Umberto I 01038 – Soriano nel Cimino (VT) – P.IVA: 01553570563
Tel. 0761.74.60.01 –
Ufficio Turistico Comunale: +39 0761 74 88 71
Presidente Ente Sagra: Antonio Tempesta 366.28 99 392

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